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A wave of methane emissions regulation are here, and more are coming... Are you ready?

California's SB 1371

Colorado's SB 19-181

New York's Methane Reduction Plan

Pennsylvania's executive order

New Mexico's executive order

Wyoming DEQ new Ruling

Some of these regulations place strict limits on volumes that can be vented. Others enforce "Best Practice", such as Wyoming's new rules, which read:

" Blowdown/Venting Best Management Practices (BMP) and information gathering requirements will be incorporated into permits for new and modified facilities.
BMP: During manual and automated blowdown/venting episodes associated with liquids unloading, wellbore depressurization in preparation for maintenance or repair, hydrate clearing, emergency operations, equipment depressurization, etc., associated VOC and HAP emissions shall be minimized to the extent practicable. During manual blowdown or venting, personnel shall remain on site to ensure minimal gas venting occurs. "

If your company is interested in using ZEVAC to incorporate Best Practice into your operations, please contact us. We are helping operators in production, gathering, transmission, storage, compression, and distribution across the country reduce and eliminate methane venting.