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Call for Collaborators - "An Integrity Management Based Approach to Temporary Pressurized Equipment

TPE needs your help. We are  in the process of bringing together subject matter experts from operators, contractors, and suppliers to help us build a framework for an integrity management based approach to temporary equipment standards.

The midstream industry has implemented a "Risk-Based Approach" to integrity management per PHMSA regulations. However, many integrity management plans do not impose standards on temporary equipment. Temporary equipment is often supplied by suppliers, through contractors, to the operator's jobsite during projects and is only utilized during periods of construction, maintenance, or operational activity. This equipment, including temporary pipe, prefabricated assemblies, tanks, launchers & receivers, valves, hoses, and other equipment is subject to full pipeline operating pressure (plus any deviations from operating pressure due to pigging or hydro-test activities). We would like your help to develop a framework for company standards that is based on the integrity management principles, applied to temporary equipment including:

  • Definition of Temporary Pressurized Equipment

  • Economic Justification for Use of Temporary Equipment

  • Operational Justification for Use of Temporary Equipment

  • Risk Profile - Likelihood of Failure, Consequence of Failure

  • Proposed Standard

  1. Documentation Requirements

  2. Code Applicability

  3. Design Requirements

  4. Fabrication Requirements

  5. Proper Use Requirements

  6. Pressure Relief Requirements

  7. Maintenance and Inspection Requirements

  8. Storage Requirements

Regardless of code applicability, contractor requirements, contract obligations, or other opportunities to exclude temporary assets from integrity management plans, we propose that the use of temporary equipment is a sensible and necessary aspect of pipeline integrity operations, and should be approached using the same principles as permanent assets.

Would you be willing to lend 1 hour per week for 12 weeks to help shape the future of temporary equipment standards?

If you're interested in contributing, please contact call or email us and we will arrange time with you to discuss this effort in more detail.