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  • Doug Sahm

Colorado’s “SB 181” will Restrict Venting & Flaring Operations – How ZEVAC Removes Uncertainty

Colorado recently passed SB 181 (http://leg.colorado.gov/bills/sb19-181) which makes sweeping changes to the way oil & gas is regulated in Colorado.

“Section 3 directs the air quality control commission to review its leak detection and repair rules and to adopt rules to minimize emissions of methane and other hydrocarbons, volatile organic compounds, and oxides of nitrogen.”

“Section 4 clarifies that local governments have land use authority to regulate the siting of oil and gas locations to minimize adverse impacts to public safety, health, welfare, and the environment and to regulate land use and surface impacts, including the ability to inspect oil and gas facilities; impose fines for leaks, spills, and emissions; and impose fees on operators or owners to cover the reasonably foreseeable direct and indirect costs of permitting and regulation and the costs of any monitoring and inspection program necessary to address the impacts of development and enforce local governmental requirements.”

“Section 5 repeals an exemption for oil and gas production from counties' authority to regulate noise.”

In summary:

Local municipalities and counties have rule making control, so every township may have different limits and rules. Regulations to minimize emissions are coming. Noise pollution will be regulated too.

The uncertainty associated with changing rules between each town make it very difficult for operators to plan. Who knows if a blowdown of ### size will be allowed? Will it be regulated due to emissions or noise? In one town it is legal, but what about the next? These uncertainties will cause major complications for operators.


If you have the ability to perform emission-less blowdowns using ZEVAC, “SP-181” is much less concerning. The rules are coming, but

with the ability to perform zero emissions work quietly, it won’t matter what the rules are or which town or county you are working in. If you are an oil and gas operator or contractor in Colorado, please reach out to learn more about how ZEVAC allows you to remove uncertainty and stay compliant in Colorado as regulations continue to become more strict. (www.tpemidstream.com/ZEVAC)