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  • Doug Sahm

Enercon and ZEVAC bringing emissionless services to the natural gas industry.

TPE MIDSTREAM LLC (TPE) and ENERCON SERVICES Inc. (ENERCON) are pleased to announce their strategic partnership and exclusive channel to market alliance as they introduce the innovative ZEVAC to the energy industry. ZEVAC, the patent-pending ZERO EMISSION VACUUM AND COMPRESSOR, provides a safe and environmentally friendly alternative to venting and flaring by evacuating natural gas during operations and maintenance activity. Our clients are able to keep the product safely contained in the system resulting in reduced greenhouse gas emissions, permitting, and notifications allowing greater flexibility in scheduling and execution of field activities.

ENERCON is the exclusive provider of ZEVAC across the United States to the natural gas industry. For a permanent installation or a same day call-out, ENERCON will size and deploy the correct ZEVAC unit for its clients specific need. ENERCON provides value-added field services, engineered solutions, program management, technician training, and other specialized services.

From E&P companies like MarkWest in Ohio, to transmission companies such as AGL, to utilities such as Consolidated Edison - the natural gas industry is rapidly recognizing the need to utilize ZEVAC and other technology to transform their culture to embrace emission-less operations.

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