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Equipment Design for Field Unknowns - Versatility is Key

Design of equipment for temporary applications brings all the standard challenges of equipment design plus a handful of unique demands. For example, nearly all equipment design projects consider the tradeoffs between cost and performance, quality and lead time, as well as practicalities like shipping, record keeping, and many other functions associated with any equipment project. When TPE Midstream designs equipment for temporary use, we need to consider all these aspects of the project, plus the unique needs of our rental customers. For example, some questions that arise during design of equipment for rental include:

How can we build equipment to accomplish more than 1 function on a typical customer jobsite? (Could a launcher/receiver trap be used as a test header?)How can we design equipment so that it could be converted to a different function? (Could a launcher/receiver barrel be built to hold filter cartridges? Or work as a knock-out?)How can we design equipment that can adapt to various jobsite grades and elevations?How can we design equipment to be easy to load and unload frequently?How can we help our rental customers operate more efficiently and safely in the field?How can we design our rental equipment to be easily cleaned and maintained?

TPE Midstream attempts to address these questions in the design phase of its equipment, in addition to standard equipment considerations. We take no compromises on safety and quality, and our equipment shows it. While we often end up with trade-offs due to our design decisions (we increase the thickness of our units for safety, thus we have heavier equipment) and occasionally there are disadvantages to those decisions (we build long ILI capable traps to accommodate all inspection tools, but some jobsites are space-limited and our equipment will not fit), we believe our equipment is the highest quality, most versatile equipment in the market, and we offer it to pigging, hydro-test, and inspection jobs at a cost-competitive rate.

The next time you need traps, filters, separators, valves, pipe, or any other pressurized equipment to get your job done right, please give us a call and TPE Midstream will deliver quality equipment ASAP.

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