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Handle Job Scheduling Ambiguity - Like a Pro

Everyone who works outdoors knows that when you have everything perfectly lined out for a pipeline project, it rains, or there's lightning, or there's a tornado, or a truck breaks down, or the site isn't ready. The list is long, but inevitably, if you're going to handle pipeline jobs, you need to be able to handle change smoothly. Knowing that changes can and will happen, TPE terms "job ambiguity". This means that we acknowledge that things will change, and often those changes occur right before or during the job, so reactions needs to be fast.

TPE Midstream is taking a number of steps to address the largest sources of job ambiguity, and we think you'll be excited as they roll out:

1. Scheduling - What equipment is available on these dates? What about these dates? What happens if the job runs long? TPE Midstream is developing a live-view for our customers to be able to see our inventory availability in real time. This way, schedulers, estimators, and project managers can see what we have available and how wide or narrow the windows are. Also, this interface will allow for "flexible reservations" that capture the difference between "I need the trap to arrive at 9am on the 17th" and "We're going to bolt up on the 17th, so any time a few days before then would be fine". This way, our equipment flexes to meet your job needs, not the other way around.

2. Data - What size are the connections? How long is the receiver? How much does that valve weigh? TPE Midstream is the only rental equipment provider to provide 100% databooks. This means we have 100% of the data on 100% of our equipment. Whether you need dimensioned drawings, hydrotest charts, MTRs, or welding records, we keep the information available for you 24/7 via the inventory section of our website. You'll never be in the dark regarding the equipment that's landing at your jobsite. The most strict inspectors at the most critical operators insist on TPE Midstream equipment because of the quality of the equipment and extremely thorough documentation we keep to back it up.

3. Pricing - TPE Midstream rents equipment on weekly, monthly, and long term rates. Our no-hassle quotes will let you bid jobs with confidence that the quote you're seeing will match your bill. We can estimate freight or provide a fixed-fee delivery & pick-up - so that you know your all-in price before you quote the job.

4. Location - TPE understands that if you don't have the equipment today, it doesn't help you to have it tomorrow. By strategically partnering with regional distributers, we are moving our traps, valves, filters, separators, and pipe closer to you. When you call us, we can schedule your delivery to mobilize from our nearest distributor so that it arrives on your jobsite fast, with minimal freight expenses.

5. Shipping, Lifting, Loading & Unloading - One of the most challenging aspects of pigging or hydrotest projects is making sure that you have personnel and equipment present to load and unload all the equipment required for your jobs. TPE is taking major strides to make it easier for you to handle our equipment. With new trap stands and pipe racks, our equipment is more easily handled by forklift, crane, or track-hoe. All the lift points are marked for good equipment balance so that your field technicians can easily and safely load and unload the mobile equipment.

As we pursue these measures to address what we see as the 5 biggest sources of pipeline inspection job ambiguity, we want to work with you to understand what we need to do next, so that you, the operator, can rest assured that the equipment side of your next job will be executed flawlessly. As for controlling the weather, it's on our future R&D board for now.