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  • Doug Sahm

How does one of the largest investor owned utilities improve air quality?

ConEdison (ConEd) operates natural gas and electric service in New York City and Westchester County. Westchester County is currently under a moratorium – meaning if you build a new house and want gas, the answer is “no”. There simply isn’t enough pipeline capacity to add more customers to the system. To support the current customers and build new pipelines, ConEd needs to do everything they can to keep gas in the system. That is why they use ZEVAC! Today, ConEd avoided venting natural gas (think wasted product, safety issues, odored release) by using ZEVAC to pump out 1,650 feet of 12” high pressure pipeline main. This keeps methane out of the atmosphere, and product in the pipe. Keep up the good work ConEd! www.tpemidstream.com/zevac