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  • Doug Sahm

Inventory Update - New 24"x36" 600# ILI Capable Rental Adapters & New 36" 600# ILI Capable Rental Ba

In response to overwhelming demand in the 24" and 30" sizes, TPE Midstream has commissioned Mid America Pipe (http://www.midamericapipe.com/) to fabricate a new set of 24"x36" adapters and a new set of 36" Barrels to support large diameter pipeline projects scheduled this summer. With delivery in less than 3 weeks from material arrival, Mid America Pipe is proving that they have the same commitment to responsiveness as TPE Midstream has to our customers. Working with Jeff Swezey, project manager at MAP, has been a pleasure. He shows a good example of how attention to detail early in the process makes all our lives easier as the build continues.

The new 24"x36" traps will immediately ship to a customer jobsite in Illinois upon completion, where they will support upcoming ILI and hydrotest projects. The units will be fully rated for B31.8/B31.4 service at 1480psi, with a full databook of material records and quality reports to support the rating.

This project demonstrates TPE Midstream's continued focus on our "3 C's":

Customer Service: Our customers have projects with critical timelines, and we are accelerating our fabrication schedule to make sure we meet their delivery so the inline inspection can proceed on schedule. If we couldn't deliver the equipment on time, our customer would have to push the job schedule, and possibly risk losing the work. We want our customers to succeed, and this project is an example of how we can help.

Comprehensive Inventory: These units will represent the completion of TPE Midstream's 2nd complete fleet of 600# ILI capable rental launchers and receivers. Boasting multiple sets of 4"-14", we will now be able to offer 2 fleets of 16"-24". 30" and 36" inventory is next in the build schedule, so look for continued effort to offer the most comprehensive rental inventory in the midstream industry.

Capital: TPE Midstream deploys capital in the form of rental assets so that our customers don't need to spend their capital on equipment that is rarely utilized. TPE relentlessly pursues efficient deployment of this capital by strategically sourcing materials, fabrication, and freight services in ways that our competitors can't match.

Please stay tuned to see our continued commitment to these three C's.