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Tulsa, OK 74131
  • Doug Sahm

Kerr Engineered Sales Company Representing ZEVAC in the Northeastern United States

TPE MIDSTREAM and KESCo have signed a strategic sales representation agreement that will accelerate bringing the ZEVAC to natural gas operators in the Northeast United States.

ZEVAC® = Zero Emission Vacuum and Compressor. This revolutionary, patented technology from TPE Midstream uses compressed air to eliminate emissions. 100% pneumatic (air) powered and controlled. ZEVAC eliminates the noise, permits, notifications, hazards, and difficulties of venting and flaring. Using compressed air to suction the process vessel or pipeline segment, ZEVAC compresses the gas into the adjacent pipeline. Intake from a pipeline or vessel is depressurized and discharged back into your pressurized piping system. Eliminating emissions with compressed air is a safe, clean and noiseless technology.