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Making Impossible Happen – Coast to Coast

When customers need to perform inspections on high pressure pipelines, getting temporary pigging traps shipped to the jobsite is what we do every day. But when two different customers both need traps at the same time, and they are both 42” 600# high pressure gas pipelines, AND one is in New York and the other is in California – TPE Midstream’s Kristina Barnes has to step up and come to the rescue. Managing challenging job schedules that move constantly is what she does best, and when she can find a way to pull off not one, but two jobs requiring 42” rental launcher and receiver on opposite coasts – she is making impossible happen. That’s what TPE means when it says we will do what it takes to make sure our customers have the equipment they need, on-demand. Kristina, keep it up! We couldn’t do it without you.

And if you see some huge TPE pigging traps going across the country, you’ll know it was Kristina making it all happen so our customers can keep their pipeline jobs on schedule.