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  • Doug Sahm

New Product Deployment - ZEVAC (Zero Emission Vacuum and Compressor)

The entire world is looking for solutions to the methane emission (methane is a 25x more potent greenhouse gas compared to CO2) problem, and the natural gas industry is leading the way to an emissionless future. At the EPA Methane Challenge Technology Transfer Workshop, TPE Midstream unveiled its new, patented, ZEVAC unit as the premier solution to eliminate methane emissions.

ZEVAC is a pneumatic powered vacuum on one side that suctions natural gas (methane) from any pipe or vessel that needs to be de-pressurized. The other side of the ZEVAC unit compresses the gas back up to pipeline pressure so that it can be discharged into nearby transmission, distribution, or process piping.

It has never been this easy to avoid methane emissions. Contact TPE Midstream to sign up for a pilot program today. We'll work with you to deploy the optimum number of units in the best size and configuration so that you can eliminate methane emissions from your system operations.

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