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  • Doug Sahm

Off-size Solutions - 14" Success Story

When Shane Saucier of Greene's Energy Group received a call to perform a cleaning and ILI inspection pig run on a 14" pipeline with less than 1 week of notice, he called TPE Midstream. TPE had 14" 600# piggable valves and 14" 600# ILI capable traps ready for him to use. The equipment was shipped, received, installed, and utilized to successfully complete the job. Shane informed us that if TPE wouldn't have been ready with the equipment, Greene's would have probably not been able to perform the work because the timeline was too tight to build or buy any other assets. 

TPE prides itself on being the only temporary equipment provider with valves and traps for 14" pipelines. As with all TPE equipment, full MTR and hydrotest databooks support our pressure ratings, and 14" operators everywhere should know that they can call on TPE for equipment on-demand. We're happy to help and glad that Shane and his crews could get the job done.

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