7295 State Highway 66
Tulsa, OK 74131
  • Doug Sahm

Our Focus - Customers, Comprehensive Inventory, Capital

As a company, TPE Midstream is exclusively focused on rental equipment for the pipeline industry. We aim to offer our customers 3 competitive advantages, and driving toward these 3 points brings focus to every decision we make.

1. Customer Service - We are here to help our customers solve problems. TPE aims to be a company that is a pleasure to do business with. We want to be a superhero for our customers, delivering solutions in stride with unmatched responsiveness.

2. Comprehensive Inventory – TPE currently boasts the largest high pressure (600#) fleet of pipeline launchers and receivers in the industry. We are constantly adding to our equipment base, and our aim is to grow into a wider variety of equipment as our customers request it.

3. Capital – TPE is determined to be the low-cost provider in every equipment category we represent. We believe that there are 2 types of companies in the world: the companies looking for ways to charge more, and the companies looking for ways to charge less. We are the latter, and we are constantly driving our costs down for the benefit of our customers. The more we can help our customers save capital, the stronger our customer partnerships will be.

Keeping these 3 “C”s in mind allows us to evaluate the constant flow of data ask ourselves 3 questions whenever we make a decision: Does this help our customers? – or – Does this make TPE easier to work with? Does this add to our equipment offering? Does this help us drive our costs and prices down?

We believe that evaluating opportunities based on the answers to these questions will help us continue to drive ourselves to deliver value to our customers and help us to grow while remaining focused on our core business. TPE Midstream will continue to be the premier rental solution in the pipeline industry. Please let us know what we can do for you, our customer, and when it aligns with our 3 “C”s of focus, we will take action to deliver. Next time your project needs traps, valves, temporary piping, filtration, separation, or any other temporary equipment, make TPE Midstream your first call.