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  • Doug Sahm

Product Spotlight: High Pressure Large Diameter Temporary Pigging Traps

As the only provider of large diameter (36"+) 600# pigging launchers and receivers, TPE Midstream can offer a unique value to operators. During construction or acquisition of a pipeline system, many operators don't realize that there are millions of dollars invested into permanent launcher and receiver stations that are only rarely utilized. Many operators prefer to have an on-demand solution using TPE mobile equipment rather that sunk cost in assets they don't use - but the decision makers don't know that such large, expensive, heavy equipment is available as a rental asset. TPE Midstream has all of the smaller pipe sizes, and now has 24", 30", 36", and 42" 600# equipment as well. If you are involved in the decision making process regarding launcher and receiver equipment on a large diameter pipeline, know that TPE Midstream can help you save millions of dollars in CAPEX through a simple rental agreement with our mobile traps.

Preparing TPE Midstream 36" 600# Launcher and Receiver Barrels to ship to the field