7295 State Highway 66
Tulsa, OK 74131
  • Doug Sahm

Product Spotlight: No Squeal Silencer

TPE Midstream's No Squeal Silencer takes the eardrum splitting noise out of high pressure blowdowns. Quality built in Tulsa, Oklahoma from high performance motorcycle-grade internals, the No Squeal Silencer is also often used during air or nitrogen pigging projects to reduce the noise. During high pressure blowdown testing, the No Squeal Silencer muffled the blowdown noise to below the OSHA ear protection requirements, and our camera crew and data collection folks could easily communicate with each other, even during the blowdown. It's a noise issue, but allowing your field pigging crews to talk to each other is a safety benefit on top. Call us today to rent your No Squeal Silencer today. Don't take our word for it - after a recent rental we asked the user how it worked out and they said, "It worked great. We don't want to give it back."